Object of this Contract:

The promotion and sale to third parties of products and services offered by CARS4HOLIDAYS,in accordance with their general conditions,and without obligation of exclusivity.Bookings will be made through Cars4Holidays biooking system available to its agents.

II.Obligations of the Agency:

2.1. The owner of the website agrees to not modify the parameters of the Link.Any change not authorized by Car4Holidays,will result in the immediate revoking of the right of use without prejudice to any responsibilities that may be incurred.

2.2. The Agency is responsible before the company for any damage that may occur and/or that may occur due to non-observance of the clauses of this contract,breach against the same or incorrect booking procedure.

2.3. The Agency may not receive any payments from clients in the name or on behalf of Cars4Holidays.

2.4. The Agency annot claim any compensation from CARS4HOLIDAYS due to termination of contract,whether by mutual agreement of the unilateral decision of either contracting party.

2.5. The Agency will inform CARS4HOLIDAYS regarding any claim made by third parties relating to operations carried out by the Agent on behalf of CARS4HOLIDAYS,and under no circumstances may they exceed the agreed object of this contract.Noncompliance with this obligation will give CARS4HOLIDAYS the right to make a claim against the Agency for the repayment of any sums that CARS4HOLIDAYS has been ordered to pay due to the non-information of the company.The Agency agrees to not recognize any demant made by clients and to refund monies paid by clients.In the event of a delay or omission in the communication to the client,the Agency will respond to CARS4HOLIDAYS for loss and damage.

2.6. The Agency will not represent CARS4HOLIDAYS before third parties,without the express and written authorization of the same.To this effect,any acts or contracts made with third parties without the express and written authorization of CARS4HOLIDAYS will be the exclusive responsibility of the Agent.

III.Obligations of CARS4HOLIDAYS

3.1.To provide the Agency with the necessary access information to the agency s area in order to 

obtain information about reservation statistics.

3.2.To keep the Agency informed of any modifications or changes with due notice.

3.3.To accept all booking requests that comply with the agreed conditions,in addition to the legal

provisions details on the current CARS4HOLIDAYS website .

IV.Duration and termination of the Agency Contract.

This contract will become valid upon the signing of the same.It will have a period of validity of one year,which will be renewable by tacit extension.However,it may be terminated at any time,on account of notice of termination by either contracting party,by means of written notification of the same issued with 7 days notice.

Without prejudice to the above,the contract will be automatically terminated.without a period of rescission in the event that either of the contracting parties is subject to bankruptcy or temporary receivership of payments proceedings.CARS4HOLIDAYS will be justified in therminating the contract for the following reasons.

a) If payment obligations are not met.

b) Serious breach of contract.

c) Change of owner,member and/or type the Agency company or change of registered address without the prior approval of CARS4HOLIDAYS

d) Transfer of the Agency without written approval by CARS4HOLIDAYS

e) The sale or pledging of shares pertaining to the Agency company.

f) The persistent worsening of the economic situation,manifest throught repeated seizures,pledges or assignment of provision rights.

g) The ceasing of operations,the beginning of insolvency proceedings and dismissal of the owner,the manager or member of the Agency.The Agency must inform CARS4HOLIDAYS,without delay should any of these situations exist.

In any event,and whatever the reason for terminating the contract is,no compensation will be paid by CARS4HOLIDAYS to the Agency on account of the termination of this contract.

V.Remuneration and payment of commission

The following commission will be paid for all hire car reservations made with the online rates:

Standart rates

(Rates refer to bookings sold with no discount applied)

17%commission applied to the net prices of the rental

Special offers

(Rates refer to bookings with any kind of discount applied)

12.5% commission applied to the net price of the rental

Complementary services and accessories are not subject to commission.CARS4HOLIDAYS reserves the right to change the commission system with 30 days notice.

The payment of commission will be made by CARS4HOLIDAYS every two months for all rental periods finalized during this two months,and subsequent to the issuing of the corresponding invoice,provided that the accumulated sum payable is greater than 60.00 euros .Payment will be made via bank transfer in favour of the Agency.

The Agency may check the commission total in the statistics for agenciew section by means of the tool available on our website.

Bookings not made online through the Agency link,cancelled or not entirely paid for by the vclient will not be subject to commission


Bonus agreement (for sales in the same business year)

Sales volume over 4000.00 euros


Sales volume over 6000.00 euros


Sales volume over 9000.00 euros


Sales volume over 14.000.00 euros


Sales volume over 24.000.00 euros


VII.Conditions of payment

Online bookings made by the Agency or its clients will be treated as third party bookings.The credit card indicated on the bookings will be used to charge the total rental cost,independently of wheter the holder of the same is the Agency or final client.CARS4HOLIDAYS will send confirmation of booking to the e-mail address indicated on the booking.If no e-mail address is indicated,the confirmation of booking will be sent by fax to the indicated fax number.However,the use of e-mail is preferable.

The cliente must be in possession of the booking confirmation.This document must be handed over by the vlient to the person delivering vehicle,aspayment receipt for the total booking charge.If this is not the case CARS4HOLIDAYS cannot guarantee the provision of the vehicle.

VIII.Other stipulations and conditions

Any variantion,modification or supplement to this contract will be devoid of effect unless in writing and signed by both contracting parties.


Both parties,rejecting their own jurisdiction where appropriate,will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens Greece for the resolution of any conflicts deriving from the contract.